We provide affordable and accurate tax preparation services with the convenience of electronic document submission,
electronic signatures, and electronic filing.

Individual Income Tax Services

Hassle-Free Tax Preparation

Individual Tax preparation is not always an easy task. If you have tried filing your taxes yourself, you have probably learned this. The truth is tax laws are complicated, and even seemingly simple tax returns can be confusing. Even if you utilize tax software programs, it is all too easy to overlook deductions and credits you are entitled to. Tax professionals such as Turner Vaught Accounting are a valuable asset capable of preparing tax returns, offering insights into law changes that might affect you, filing your returns, and discussing how your future plans might affect your taxes.

We know your time is extremely valuable and it can be hard to get the time to come in for an appointment.  So, we offer the convenience of online document submission, electronic signatures, and payments over the phone.  You may not even need to step foot in our office to get your tax return expertly prepared by a professional. However, if you do like to encounter friendly people and an inviting atmosphere, please come in today.  Did I mention we have coffee, soda and snacks? 


Get Every Deduction You Deserve

Maximize Your Tax Returns

Don’t have any free time to devote to crunching numbers? Not sure if you’re preparing your tax return correctly? Don’t worry! At Turner Vaught Accounting we specialize in preparing and filing individual income tax returns for you to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. We’ll review your documents from the past year and see which deductions you’ve qualified for. Once we’ve double checked your tax return for accuracy, our team will file it electronically, so you don’t have to worry about mailing it in!  Our team of Myrtle Beach tax preparers are dedicated to meeting your needs quickly, consistently and correctly. Come see us today and become part of our client family.

We provide all our clients with the highest level of professional tax preparation possible. We stay up to date on IRS and South Carolina tax law changes. We attend continuing education seminars annually.  All to ensure you get your taxes done right!

At Turner Vaught Accounting,

here’s what you get…

  • Your tax return will be checked by a tax preparer and double checked by our head tax preparer. We do the extra work necessary to ensure that your return is accurate and will survive IRS scrutiny.
  • We offer, but do not require, electronic document submission, electronic signatures, electronic filing, and electronic payment options. You literally could get your taxes done from your couch without ever stepping into our office.
  • But… then you would miss our smiling faces and our how-can-we-make-your-life-better attitudes. We strive for the best customer service your ever received. We go above and beyond on a daily basis.

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